Maximize efficiency of productivity and flexibility.











Product types

  • All solid products with cylindrical ad cubical shape


  • Cycles per minute: up to 200


Philosophy diagram

Utility Specifications


  • Power consumption:             6 kW
  • Power supply:                  380 V+N
  • Frequency:                   50/60 Hz
  • Pressure:                         6-8 bar


  • Length:                          4.20 mm
  • Width:                          2.000 mm
  • Height:                2.450-2700 mm
  • Weight:                        1.800 kg


Special features

  • Easy to clean mechanical parts
  • Aluminium and stainless steel material
  • Reduced and simplified maintenance operations
  • 15″ touch screen panel operator
  • Teleassistance gateway included
  • Decresed production costs
  • Shorter cycles times:more production in a shorter time without breaks
  • Precision and high repeatability
  • Increased safety
  • High productivity during working cycles: up to 110 pieces per minute and 200 cycles per minute in PATH ISO
  • Product gripping from conveyor belt with variable speed. Robot follows the product speed during the gripping (according to customer gripping times desired)
  • Speed boxes conveyor belt controlled by PID to maintain PATH as short as possible to ensure the high number of cycles/min required
  • This system manages abrupt product conveyor belt speed changes thank to PID

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  • Standard grippers are available
  • Customized gripper are designed according to customer needs